September Fishing at Minaki and on the Winnipeg River

September was a great month for fishing!

I got off to a late start and missed the Labour Day long weekend due to other commitments but did manage to get out fishing in the Minaki area a few times after that. There were many very windy days and I avoided those also. Fighting the wind makes my trolling motor battery run out of juice very quickly and I don’t like dropping anchor because it rarely holds on the smooth rock bottoms where I like to fish. If the anchor does hold in the wind that usually means it is wedged in a crevice and it may be the last time I see that anchor. Besides, the windy days coincided with days that were not prime according to the solunar tables anyway – and I do find the action better when the solunar indicates the moon is right!

I took videos of a lot of the fish I was catching and below is a compilation including walleye, bass, northern pike and muskie with a couple of rock bass and perch thrown in as well. Trying to turn on cameras while fighting a fish often results in losing the fish and for some reason those lost fish always feel like they are a lot bigger than the ones that stay on the line and make it into the video:)

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