Spring Fishing Perch Bay To The Dalles

Just wrapped up our annual Spring Fishing Classic and because of the extremely late Spring patterns were not at all usual for this time in June.

We fished from Perch Bay to the Dalles and while the walleye were sparse and scattered and not in most of their usual spots yet we managed enough to eat and some to bring home. The biggest we caught was 24 inches. We caught more over keeper size than under which is a nice problem to have!


There seemed to be more tourists up from the US than usual for this early in the season which surprised me a little as. By the weekend when the cottagers arrived there were lots of boats looking for fish in all the same known spots and they would change spots frequently so they were likely not finding fish there.

For walleye, points worked best for us. The fish seemed to be suspended about half way down steep points and were enticed by crawler harnesses trolled past their noses. They were fininky and a three hook harness would catch them while they would strike short on a two hook harness. 

It looks like it was the same situation up at Minaki as the lodges were sending their guests down through the Dalles and also to Myrtle Rapids. Current areas did not seem to be any better than anywhere else however. We “saved” some lost tourists from Minaki and they had just one walleye in the livewell.

We fished for walleye in the morning for the most part and spent the afternoon targeting smallies. Found lots of 15 to 16 inch bass which was a blast. I don’t think they were on the nest yet but did find a couple of pairs. While fishing for bass we also found lots of little snot rockets which were feisty and fun. Biggest pike was 36 inches. Also found decent pike deep while checking out deeper summer walleye areas.


Water temps were 55 in most areas but as high as 62 in some bays – perfect for spring Crappie fishing. We saw some boats doing just that!

I suspect that the walleye will be moving into their summer haunts any day now so if fishing the Winnipeg River be sure to check them out too.




Spring Fishing Perch Bay To The Dalles — 2 Comments

    • Lots of good sized smallmouth bass in the Winnipeg River in Ontario. There are some largemouths as well but most people come for the smallies.

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