Bulldawg Northern Pike

While fishing for muskie the other day I caught this nice 36 inch northern pike.

Northern Pike

I was a bit surprised as I was using a large muskie sized bull dawg lure and he inhaled the whole thing!


I never look forward to removing large lures from pike as they thrash around so much there is always a danger of ending up with hooks embedded somewhere in my body! This time I narrowly missed a severe injury that happened so fast it is hard to see in the video. Watch the video below and see if you can spot what happened.

Did you see it? When the pike thrashd as I was removing the look my long nosed pliers jumped up and poked me right in my glasses leaving a large deep gouge. If I had not been wearing glasses I would probably be missing an eye!


Who remembers their mom saying “you’ll poke your eye out!”? Geez! Maybe she was right! Consider your sunglasses to be saftey glasses and an essential item when fishing!

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