Early July Walleye And Muskie

I got out walleye fishing on July 7 and the action was hot just like the weather! Once again most walleye were larger than the slot size and that makes for a fun time.


There were a lot of boats on the water as many had booked their vacations to be around the time of Canada Day or Independence Day. There were also an additional 80 + boats on the water in the area because of the annual Minaki Walleye Tournament. I still managed to find spots where I was the only one fishing which is the way I like it!

The following day, July 8, I set aside to spend a few hours targeting muskie. After a few hours of throwing the big muskie baits with zero action I was tired and bored. I stowed the net and other gear and headed back to camp. Along the way I decided to take a few casts in one more spot. I was totally unprepared and did not really expect to catch a muskie. I was cruising past the spot using the trolling motor while reeling in and there was a muskie following!

I began my figure 8 and the muskie kept following the lure. After a couple of 8’s I realized that the boat was still moving along at a good clip and maybe I would have better success of I turned off the motor!

I seemed to be doing the 8’s forever! In reality it was probably closer to 90 seconds but felt like 10 minutes. He finally bit and the fight was on!

Now I had to turn on the camera while fighting the muskie with one hand and hope I didn’t lose him.


And where the heck did I put the pliers and the net?!

Quick release from the net and he was off and in great shape. My afternoon of muskie fishing turned out successful after all. I love it when a plan comes together!

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