Big Walleye And Pike In Early October

I just completed a couple of days of early October fall fishing on the Winnipeg River and it was a blast! Water temperatures on the river were 59 to 60 degrees. For the most part the air temperature was cold and there were very brisk north winds.

Pretty much every walleye pundit will tell you that walleye fishing is better in windy conditions but I dislike the wind. Fighting the wind drains the trolling motor batteries real quick and I have never had much success getting an anchor to hold on a smooth rock bottom in a strong wind. When it is windy I seek out sheltered locations and the fish seem to be there too!

We had no trouble catching walleye within the slot size for eaters and those caught that were outside the slot size were generally larger rather than smaller. The biggest walleye was 28 3/4 inches which is considered a trophy. Also caught several large pike while walleye fishing and I was glad I was using my Pike-Proof Walleye Spinner!

Check out the pictures and short video of some of the better fish caught.

Great Northern Pike

28 3/4 inch Walleye

26 3/4 inch walleye

fat northern pike

This pike was caught just a few minutes after the last pike!


Big Walleye And Pike In Early October — 2 Comments

  1. was wondering if you could give me 2 or 3 good walleye spots that you frequent around the powder puff area (within 1-2km of there) perhaps?
    Thanks. Aaron.

    • Most of these fish were caught within sight of the Powderpuff. At various times walleye can be found anywhere in the area but not always in the same spots. Midwater humps in the summer and off points in spring and fall are good places to check first. Just try different spots and different depths until you find them. That’s what I do.

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