My Last Walleye and Pike Of The 2010 Season

We have a camp (which is what a cabin or cottage is called in this part of the country) on the Winnipeg River between Kenora and Minaki. Yesterday I had the sad task of pulling the boat out of the water where it had been all season in order to get it winterized and put away till spring. I had taken all of my good fishing equipment home with me last weekend where it would be safe over the winter and the nearer I got to Kenora on the drive out there the more I regretted that decision. It was a gorgeous day!

I did have an old rod that was missing the last 12 inches at the tip and my old reel that I had bought when I was a kid – a Shakespeare 1924ms Direct Drive – now considered “vintage” . I scrounged around and found a Rapala floater – hey! I could at least fish for a few minutes on the way to the boat launch!

Since I often fish alone, I started taking my camera along for company a while back. I brought my camera yesterday too – and took a video of this last opportunity to fish.

Fall Northern Pike

Fishing for Northern Pike on what may be my last fishing day in 2010. It was colder and windier than predicted and I was just wearing a hoodie. Once I got out on the water I discovered everyone else on the water were wearing survival floater suits!

Catch Multi Species

I enjoyed a good day of fishing on the Winnipeg River. I caught Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, and Perch – great fun! Check out the video.

I had a couple of issues with my old camera so there is a couple of jerky spots in the video…

How to Make An Improved Walleye Spinner Rig / Crawler Harness For Bottom Bouncing

Learn how to tie this inexpensive and effective 3 hook walleye spinner designed for use with nightcrawlers and a bottom bouncer. This highly productive lure will catch “eaters” and trophy Walleye (commonly called Pickerel in Manitoba and North West Ontario) all day long from spring to freeze-up. This “secret weapon” has improvements over the store-bought brands including fluorocarbon line and a treble hook as one of the three hooks used in the rigging of this lure. Check out the video below.